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    OLCAP provides holistic support and hope for those in need, addressing both physical and material needs alongside spiritual care.

    The rural areas of Kenya are characterized by widespread poverty, leaving many without access to essential resources such as nutritious food, adequate housing, medical care, and sustainable livelihoods. OLCAP offers comprehensive assistance and hope to those facing these challenges.

    Spiritual Guidance and Development.

    OLCAP fosters the spiritual advancement of communities through various means, including facilitating Bible study sessions, prayer meetings, retreats, overnight services, and door-to-door evangelism.

    Jigger Eradication

    A jigger is a minuscule parasitic flea that burrows into the skin, primarily targeting the feet and hands of individuals. Once embedded, the female lays eggs, and without proper treatment, the infestation can rapidly multiply, resulting in intense itching, impaired mobility, and the risk of secondary infections or, in severe cases, amputation.  OLCAP actively engages with communities and schools to provide treatment for both children and adults afflicted by the painful effects of jigger infestation. Additionally, we procure shoes for affected individuals and conduct hygiene training sessions to mitigate the likelihood of re-infection.

    Free Health Outreaches

    OLCAP conducts free healthcare outreaches in marginalized communities across rural Kenya. Our primary aim is to prevent new infections through educational initiatives. Additionally, we administer check-ups and offer treatment for a range of conditions, including endemic malaria. For patients requiring additional medical care, we facilitate hospital visits to address diseases such as chronic wounds, elephantiasis, high blood pressure, and physical injuries. Following diagnosis, we cover the costs of necessary treatment and provide follow-up care as needed.

    School Equipment and Facilities

    Schools in rural Kenya often lack essential facilities and equipment such as adequate sanitation facilities, laboratories, libraries, and sports gear. This deficiency contributes to lower education standards and pass rates among students. OLCAP endeavours to support schools with necessary resources, including sports gear, laboratory apparatus, library textbooks, computers, and water and sanitation facilities.

    Feeding the Hungry

    OLCAP provides food donations to those in need, particularly orphans and widows in rural Kenya. In addition to food provisions, these families are also equipped with seeds and guidance to cultivate kitchen gardens, ensuring access to nutritious food.

    Freedom for girls

    Many girls in rural Kakamega cannot afford a dignified means to manage their menses. This forces many girls to miss an average of four school days per month when menstruating. OLCAP improves girls’ school attendance by providing disposable and reusable pads that last for five years.


    OLCAP offers a wide range of mentorship opportunities for school-aged children and young adults. These programs include support with study techniques and exam preparation, alongside the use of seminars and sports events to educate about substance misuse, teenage pregnancy, and HIV/AIDS. We also organize forums that allow young individuals to connect with mentors, aiming to help them navigate through their various needs and obstacles.

    Sustainable Livelihoods

    In rural Kenya, a significant portion of the population grapples with poverty, exacerbated by limited job opportunities leading to widespread unemployment. OLCAP is actively engaged in fostering economic development to bolster improved and sustainable livelihoods. We offer entrepreneurial training and advocate for resource-constrained individuals to venture into animal husbandry and cash crop farming for commercial purposes. Moreover, OLCAP assists the impoverished in accessing capital to kickstart small businesses. Our recent initiatives, such as the "Pig Rearing" and "Women Greengrocers & Bakers" projects, executed in collaboration with partners like iMPACT direct, AFAS, Stichting Overal, Serving Workers for the Harvest, and individual contributors, aim to empower families to generate income. This income enables them to afford nutritious food, medical care, and decent shelter, thereby uplifting their quality of life.